Veritas Properties, L.P.

This company is predominantly owned and managed by Robert Jorrie who has more than 50 years experience in owning and managing rental real estate and his four daughters, Julie Jorrie Schwartz, Cindy Jorrie Cohn, Jennifer Jorrie and Rachel Jorrie Farber. Jorrie, an engineer-turned-lawyer, practiced Board Certified Estate Planning Law in San Antonio for almost 30 years and now focuses more on the fun of the real estate business.

We are straight shooting Operator-Investors. Not just mean old landlords. There is no Outside Management Company in this deal—we are friendly property managers that value close, almost intimate relationships with our tenants. We will manage the property and deal with you on the lease.

We like to keep our tenants deliriously happy—and are famous for doing precisely that. You may even ask for a list of our happy tenants and check our references—or, if you choose look in our eyes.

Our Mission

We believe the Opportunity to Succeed with Fairness and Integrity is always at Hand!

We believe our Success in business obligates us to help Others—and to make a Difference in the World.

We’ve been given many opportunities to succeed—and we owe the community our Thanks—and our Support in return!

As landlords with one of the the Highest Rates of Tenant Retention in our properties, we’ve built our Business and Reputation on making our Tenants Happy.

Our ongoing Commitment—and our daily focus, is to proactively build and maintain a Lasting, Durable, Long Term Relationship with our tenants—and to make your Opportunity to Do Business in our space, Exceptional.

Robert “Bobby” Jorrie

Bobby Jorrie was born in San Antonio and was admitted to the Texas Bar in 1974. He is the proud father of four daughters and has eight grandchildren. He holds his BS from the University of Texas in Aerospace Engineering, his JD from St. Mary’s University, and his LLM (Masters in Taxation) from New York University with numerous advanced education courses. He was a Board Certified Estate Tax and Probate Lawyer (as Certified by the Texas Board of Specialization) for many years.

Before retirement in 2001, he held a wide range of professional memberships including Fellowship in the College of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Academy of Probate and Trust Lawyers, and the San Antonio Bar Association. His work in the legal profession was widely published and he is most noted for speaking on a wide range of Estate Planning issues. He authored, sponsored and arranged enactment of four important Texas statutes. He has many years of experience teaching related topics at St. Mary’s Law School, Trinity University and Texas Instruments, as well as numerous seminars for Bank Trust departments, corporations and professional organizations.

His experience includes working in his family’s retail furniture business for ten years as President/CEO, Merchandise Manager, Vice President of Operations, Senior Sales Trainer and Credit and Collections Manager. He was the Founder of and the Managing Owner/Partner of a 10-attorney law firm— Jorrie, Zucker and Associates, Inc.—for 15 years. The firm attained, in the record time of under 10 years, the coveted AV Top Rating of Martindale Hubbell, a publication which rates the Ethicalness and Quality of law firms in the United States.

After recovering from injuries received in an auto accident, he re-entered solo law practice in 1990, specializing in Estate Planning until he retired. Bobby’s personal web site can be accessed at www.bookonlife.com.

Florence “Dut” Marx

Florence Pullen Jorrie “Dut” Marx was the youngest of the 8 children of Sol and Sophie Pullen.

Formerly married to Sam Jorrie, she was long active in local Reform Politics, Continuing Adult Education, League of Women Voters. Womens Pavilion of Hemisfair, the Brandeis Book Sale and many other Jewish Community affairs.

Mrs. Marx was active in the real estate business for more than 50 years, almost to the time of her death. Her son, Robert Jorrie, is very active in the leasing and management of this business and her daughter, Marilyn Jorrie, has her own separate real estate business.

Married to Robert Marx for more than 31 years, they were blessed with great Joy and Happiness.

She died a Hero of Jewish Motherhood, November 10, 2007.

Bobby’s Father and Real Estate Teacher

Sam Jorrie grew up in the family furniture business and entered politics in the early 50s. He was instrumental in forming the Good Government League and helped break the then corrupt County Machine. He served Bexar County as County Commissioner of Precinct 3 for many years and then resigned his post to run unsuccessfully for the State Senate. Afraid of almost nothing, he described himself as “the Worst kind of Politician—a REFORM Politician.”

He was curious, interested in everything and styled himself as “a Lifetime Learner.”

Always colorful, Sam filled the town with numerous wonderful and laughable stories of his Indomitable Will, Positive Mental Attitude and the Earnest Belief that he could accomplish “Anything.”

He had remarkable foresight about many things and was a fervent supporter of desegregating public schools and early racial integration. He worked diligently for, but never achieved the right for San Antonio to merge its City and county governments into what was then known as “Home Rule.” He also helped bring about the first expressway San Antonio ever had—that portion of what is now I-10 running from Fredericksburg Road to downtown, the North Expressway project, and helping in the fight to beat those well-organized groups opposing it. A longtime devotee of the YMCA, he played Early Bird volleyball for years and helped build the YMCA Summer Camp now known as Flaming Arrow in the Texas Hill Country.

He was proud to have been instrumental in casting the all important tie-breaking vote in Commissioners Court that placed the Medical School and Hospital Complex “on the Hill” where it presently stands, instead of in the expensive congestion of downtown San Antonio. He was a Founding Director of Main Bank and Trust and served the bank for many years.

He had a prophet’s knowledge of how our community would grow geographically and strategically located his real estate investments accordingly.

Sam developed many real estate projects and was a friend to all—mentoring, over the years, many men and women not only in the real estate business, but in all fields of their endeavors, so they could become the Very Best they could become.

Throughout his life, Sam was known to be the Bluntest and Most Honest of men—always calling a spade a spade.

He died Feb 28, 1999 after a long illness, frustrated that County Home Rule had never been accomplished for our County.